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Advantages of LiftMaster garage door openers

  • Stay connected with myQ

    Stay connected with myQ

    With myQ, you can monitor and control your garage door, using your smartphone, tablet or computer from wherever you happen to be.

  • Smart radio technology

    Smart radio technology

    Evolution operators are equipped with the best reliable radio that is a bi-directional radio. They don't only receive signal, they also sends signals back.

  • Strength in silence

    Strength in silence

    The quiet operation of our garage door openers is unparalleled.

  • High running speed

    High running speed

    The running speed with a maximum of 200 mm/s is an important safety and comfort feature.

  • 10-year drive motor warranty

    10-year drive motor warranty

    The extended warranties prove, once again, the high quality standard of LiftMaster.

  • Economic and environmentally friendly

    Economic and environmentally friendly

    The extremely low standby energy consumption is good for the environment and your pocket.

  • Long-lasting LEDs

    Long-lasting LEDs

    Immediate brightness, low CO2 emissions and avoidance of heavy metals and mercury in manufacturing.

  • Quickly installed

    Quickly installed

    Simple installation with standard tools.

LiftMaster makes your garage safer

Full control over your garage door Did you forget to close the garage door on your way out to work? Thanks to myQ, you don’t need to turn back. With one click you can comfortably close your garage door using your smartphone.
Automatic obstacle detection If your garage door touches an obstacle while opening it will stop and stop and reverse while closing. It also provides additional safety with the optional sensors, which prevent the door from coming into contact, for example, with children playing, objects or vehicles.
Protection against burglars The delayed opening mechanism of the operator protects your garage against unauthorised intrusions. The special encryption system of our wireless accessory offers an additional safety.